Quartz swimming pools

Quartz swimming pools became very popular in Australia about 15 years ago. At this time, they were the smoothest surface available and also had mica in the mix which caused the surface to sparkle in the sunlight. Also, Quartz was something new and was a real standout compared to the old brownish pebble that seemed to be used everywhere.

How to choose a quartz finish

In Australia, there are several companies that manufacture quartz finishes in swimming pools. Some of these include:

This blog will not offer an opinion on each of these products and companies. However, Quartzon has the longest warranty (7 years) and more than 20 years of experience in producing the product. Finally, whoever you choose, make sure you ask about warranties and after sales service.

Other quartz pool products

Remember, some smaller surface application companies also do what is known as a ‘site-mix”. In short, this is where the cement, pigment (colour) and the quartz are all blended together on site to make your chosen colour. When this is done properly the results can be fantastic and look very similar to a name brand product. However, as there is no actual product ‘manufacturer’ in this scenario, your warranty is limited to whatever warranty the application company has to offer. Hence, in some cases, this means no warranty at all.

The video below is based out of the USA but does provide of a lot of information about how these finishes are made and what to look for when buying.

Considerations with Quartz swimming pools

Some pool owners can have substantial staining and calcium issues with these surfaces. Some forums online have unfavorable comments about this surface. In short, if you don’t maintain this surface properly then you will have problems.

Calcium on quartz pool
Quartz pool with heavy white calcium formation on the surface

On the other hand, good water maintenance will prevent many of the issues discussed online. So, if you are the type of person that does not feel the need to maintain things at home then this surface may not be for you. Finally, we have a section on water maintenance that you may find helpful.