Pool Stains

These pages discuss a wide range of common pool stains. This information should be enough for you to determine the type of stain that you have. It will also provide you with some options on how you can deal with the staining.

copper staining in pool
stained swimming pool
Black spot in pools

Did you know that the most common stain types are salt stains copper stains calcium spots black spot algae

Stains in pools can be very difficult to remove. This is because there many places and websites that have lot of different and sometimes very silly ideas on how to treat them. Because of this, we created this website to provide accurate information to pool owners.  This is because the wrong diagnosis can make the stains much worse.

Black Spot


Copper Stains

Salt Stains

Don’t drain your pool to remove stains

These days there are other options for stain removal that do not require the pool to be drained or acid washed. These treatments can work effectively with the water still in the pool. Conversely, pool shops will often recommend acid washing because they do not know how to remove the stain using other methods. So we would encourage you to investigate these options before draining your pool.

The buildup in this fibreglass pool happened because of an excess of metals in the pool water. When the water was out of balance the metal in the water stuck to the sides of the pool. This left the pool badly stained and the water crystal clear.

stained swimming pool

Bad advice leads to pool stains

We suggest doing proper research before treating your swimming pool stains. For example, this picture shows what bad advice can do to a pool surface. This person added a granular chlorine product to his pool that caused the surface to turn black within a few hours. His pool shop misdiagnosed the stain and the wrong treatment made it much worse within hours.

Also, some pool advice websites give advice that is not only damaging to your pool but also very dangerous to your surface. Following this advice (such as pouring pure acid down a pipe) can harm the surface permanently. This means that even if this process does remove the stain that there will be a streak left behind from the acids.

Stain removal specialists such as The Pool Stain Removers may be worth considering if you have stains. They specialize in treatments that remove stains without draining the water.