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Expert advice for pool owners

Aussie Pools is a series of information pages that is open to new contributions and feedback from anyone with specialist knowledge within the swimming pool industry. We have no hidden agenda to promote certain companies, products, or materials. This is a place where people can come and learn and share experiences both good and bad. This is your place to share experiences and help other pool owners make good choices. Also, we want to help pool owners avoid making bad ones.  We exist because there are very few sites on the internet that will give advice without trying to spin or sell particular products or systems.

Expert advice…not just tips and ideas

Unlike many websites, the content on these pages is reviewed for accuracy and written by qualified people who know what they are talking about. This means that the advice is reliable and trustworthy.  Some information found online is not only completely incorrect but at times, downright dangerous to follow.  Please make sure that you double-check any information that you see online that comes from unidentified sources because if something goes wrong then you may have nowhere to turn.  

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We help you make informed decisions about pool products

Each page of this website offers an unbiased snapshot of each product or issue that pool owners often face. This is the place where you can come and read both sides of the story, rather than a one-sided fancy sales pitch. The internet is already full of that.  We discuss the good and bad about everything.  This allows you to know what you are dealing with and helps you also make sure that the product you buy is suited to you and your pool.

The truth is, every product has good and bad characteristics. We aim to present all products fairly and in a balanced way, both good and bad. If you feel we have not done that, please let us know and we will be happy to do what we can to fix it.

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Legal Resources

In each state, there are various places that you can turn to if you need assistance in dealing with product issues. For example, Australian Consumer Law is available and applicable to everyone no matter where you live. Importantly, this legislation provides a way for consumers to obtain a refund, replacement, or repair of a defective product or material. If you find yourself in this situation, reading a little about your rights may be of great comfort.

We have assisted many clients in getting refunds or replacements for various products over the years by directing them to proper scientific and factual information that will stand up to proper scrutiny.  

Aussie Pools – Technical Oversight

The idea and inspiration for this website came from Wade Bosse.  He has a Bachelor of Science from Westminster University and is the founder of The Pool Stain Removers Pty Ltd.  He has been in the pool industry since 2009 and was the former General Manager of Quartzon Pool Interiors. 

The vision was to have a place where clients could go to get information about products without the spin and hype.  Aussie Pools is completely non-profit and earns no income from any company, affiliate business, or individual.  The hosting and management of this website are paid for by Wade Bosse.      

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Australian Swimming Pool Statistics

Number of Pools

The number of Australians that have a swimming pool at their home.

SAlt water pools
1 %

The number of pools that use salt to chlorinate the water.


The size of the average backyard swimming pool in litres