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When searching online, it’s hard to find unbiased information and accurate swimming pool advice. Often pool shops and websites seem to contradict each other and have very different theories.  This is because most ‘information’ is actually advertising written to sell products rather than provide honest answers to questions. Hence this website provides a host of well researched and reliable answers to questions from many pool owners.

We provide pool owners with free, accurate and reliable information about common swimming pool issues. Most importantly, we are not trying to sell or promote any particular product or service.

The information on our website is divided into the following categories

Water Sanitation

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Pool Stains

Pool Surfaces

Relax… we’re not selling anything.

We post reliable information from various authors who are well known and well respected in the pool industry in Australia. Each article is reviewed prior to publication to ensure accuracy. In short, it is our hope that the information in these pages will be of benefit to you and your pool.

Some websites contain information that is simply not accurate or relevant to pools in Australia. In contrast, all information on this website has been properly reviewed and to the best of our knowledge is correct. Remember, the wrong advice often leads to unhealthy water, pool surface staining and equipment damage.

Michelle Johnstone
Michelle JohnstoneMiami - Gold Coast
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I had a issue with my new pebblecrete pool that was driving me nuts. These guys were really helpful and directed me to a descaling product that fixed it for me.
Stephen Sedgwick
Stephen SedgwickKellyville - Sydney
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I had a large rust stain on the side of my pool that was growing quickly. It was not until I saw this website that I realised that it was coming from the reinforcing steel. Glad I stopped wasting money trying stain removers.
Stephanie Johanson
Stephanie JohansonToongabbie - Sydney
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I was advised that my pool's interior needed replacement due to staining caused by Black Spot Algae. Thanks to the product sent by Aussie Pools, all the black spot was completely removed in just three weeks. I am extremely satisfied with their solution and so glad I don't need a new pool for no reason.

“Owning a swimming pool should be an enjoyable experience for pool owners.  We provide accurate information to help those who may be frustrated or struggling with issues with their pool”

Salt water pool

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We welcome any feedback, suggestions or questions that you would like answered. Also, many of the articles on this website have a comments section at the bottom. So please feel free to make any (appropriate) comments there. In fact, these comments often are a great help to other who may have the same issue. Finally, please feel free to contact us with your suggestions or ideas. We love good pool advice.

We also have a large database of more in depth information for you which can be found here.

Australian Swimming Pool Statistics

Number of Pools

The number of Australians that have a swimming pool at home.

SAlt water pools
1 %

The number of pools that use salt to chlorinate the water.


The size of the average backyard swimming pool in litres

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